Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do the prints come in

Our prints will be sent as high res JPEG image files at 300dpi printable in the following sizes:

File: 1 – 4×5 ratio.jpg use for printing 4″x5″, 8″x10″, 16″x20″, 40x50cm.

File: 2 – 3×4 ratio.jpg use for printing 6″x8″, 9″x12″, 12″x16″, 18″x24″.

File: 3 – 2×3 ratio.jpg use for printing 4″x6″, 6″x9″, 8″x12″, 10″x15″, 12″x18″, 16″x24″, 20″x30″, 24″x36″, 60x90cm.

File: 4 – paper sizes.jpg use for printing 5″x7″, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, 50x70cm.

File: 5 – 11×14 inches.jpg use for printing 11″x14″

For File 4 the paper sizes are:

A5 size is 14.8 x 21cm
A4 size is 21 x 29.7cm
A3 size is 29.7 x 42cm
A2 size is 42 x 59.4cm
A1 size is 59.4 x 84.1cm

What file type do my prints come in??

Our prints will be sent as high res JPEG image files at 300dpi

How do I get my prints after I order them?

Your prints will be sent to you as a link by email once payment has been made.

What size do the Instagram highlight files come in?

The Instagram highlight files come as an Instagram Story size of 1080 pixels x 1930 pixels

What happens if my email doesn’t come through with the link?

If you don’t receive your email within 20 minutes please get in touch on and we will organise for your links to be emailed through.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email on or go to our contact page.